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★★★★★ This is the best cheesesteak I’ve ever had. Might actually beat Pat’s and Geno’s in Philly! Nothing like it in Bend – that’s for sure. They also do a great job of catering – they did our wedding in August and it was a major hit. I’d follow these guys anywhere.

Rachel M.; Bend, Oregon

★★★★★ It is difficult to choose a favorite sandwich from the menu, but I have to admit, I am crazy about his Philly Cheese Steak!! You would have to go to Philadelphia to find a better cheese steak sandwich!! Can I have one now??

Peggy H.; Akron, Ohio

★★★★★ Yumm!!! Bruneau’s has the most amazing cheese steak I have ever tasted! If you are looking for the best caterer in Central Oregon, look no further than Bruneau’s! A+++

Jessica S.; Bend, Oregon

★★★★★ Great food! Great service! Great people! I’ll always recommend Bruneau’s to anyone and everyone! 5 Stars!!!

Anthony R.; Bend, Oregon

★★★★★ Bruneau’s catered my 40th birthday party- and what a hit!!! Delicious-! everybody loved it- and went back for more (maybe too much more …lol) How fun to come home to my “surprise” party with a food cart at my back patio!

Jennifer S.; Bend, Oregon

★★★★★ Best Cheese Steak ever!

Kim S.; Bend, Oregon

★★★★★ Seriously the best fare around! You will have dreams about Bruneau’s once you’ve had a taste!

Marie T.; Bend, Oregon

★★★★★ Bruneau Ron’s is the real deal. He’s from Philly and knows good sandwiches. Once you bite into one of his signature cheese steak sandwiches you’ll never go back to a cheap imitation. Seriously! They’re that good! Find one at a festival in Central Oregon or at a location in Bend, Oregon today!!!

John M.; Bend, Oregon

★★★★★ You guys are AWESOME!!! Absolutely love your Flava!!

Aria J.; Bend, Oregon

★★★★★ Jammin!!!!!!!!!!!

Tami D.; Bend, Oregon


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