About Ron "Bruneau" & Andrea Brown | Owners and Managers


What’s in our name?

The story about our name and food cart begins in the inner city of Philadelphia in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the country.   Only a few blocks from where the classic Rocky movies were filmed was where Ron was raised.  As you can imagine, life was tough growing up in Philly especially with a name like Ronald Brown.

Ron, who was an only child wished that he had older brothers to look out for him instead of struggling to make a name for himself alone on the streets. He often told his parents that his life would have been easier if they had given some some tough Italian name like Bruno.

In 2012 he moved to Bend, Oregon and got engaged to his beautiful wife, Andrea.  He told her his story about growing up, and she was amused by the fact that he’d always wished that he’d been named Bruno.  Intrigued she decided to find out what the name meant, since God often spoke to her through the meanings of names.  She thought it would be fun to see what the name Bruno really meant.

Surprise! Surprise! “Bruno” was the German name for “Brown”! With great joy she declared to Ron that he had always been who he always wanted to be!  “Bruno – Brown”!

If you want to know why we chose to spell our business name with the French spelling for Bruno – “Bruneau”, then you’ll have to ask us for the rest of the story.

Why Food?

Ron has always loved food and gone out of his way to find successful but unassuming, hole-in-the-wall, multigenerational Greek and Italian restaurants. As a self-proclaimed food critic, Ron has been under-impressed with the cuisine in Central Oregon and wanted to bring the food that he loved and that had impacted his life from the East Coast to Bend.

After an exhausting but successful 20 years in the corporate world, Ron discovered a love for cooking. He has cooked many meals for the homeless, and the men at the Shepherd’s House (a local shelter with a long term program).  The men there look forward to these meals which always include fresh ingredients and an extra touch of care.

Other Ventures

In addition to the food cart, Ron and Andrea Brown currently own and manage two other businesses: The Finisher, a creative renovation business, and a professional speaking and management consulting business.